Next generation embedded systems will be composed of large numbers of heterogeneous devices. These will typically be resource-constrained (such as sensor motes), use different operating systems, and be connected through different types of network interfaces. Additionally, they may be mobile and/or form ad-hoc networks with their peers, and need to be adaptive to changing conditions based on context-awareness. The RUNES project has a vision to enable the creation of these systems through novel solutions ranging from the hardware to the application layers.

At the core of the RUNES project is a lightweight middleware framework designed to address the challenges arising in the above scenarios. Our approach is based on a small and efficient middleware kernel which supports highly modularised and customisable component-based services that are run-time reconfigurable to support adaptivity. Our lightweight implementation spans powerful nodes like laptops and PDAs, as well as severely constrained devices such as sensor motes.

This site is intended to provide information specific to the RUNES Middleware framework, obtain feedback from users, and foster discussion on the various middleware features. General information on the RUNES project can be found at www.ist-runes.org.